LAEDC adds Senior Economist to Management Roster

Long Beach’s manager of economic development, Robert Swayze, joins LAEDC as Sr. Vice President of Economic Development in September

Los Angeles —The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) announced today that Robert Swayze will join the LAEDC as Senior Vice President of Economic Development on September 1, 2010.

“We are thrilled that Robert will be joining the LAEDC team,” said Bill Allen, LAEDC President and CEO.  “He is recognized as one of the premier economic development practitioners in the region and state, and will provide significant experience and insight to our efforts to lead the implementation of L.A. County’s first-ever Strategic Plan for Economic Development.”

Swayze is currently Manager of Economic Development and Cultural Affairs for the City of Long Beach, a position he has held since 2005.  Previously, he was Manager of Regional Economic Development for the Community Development Commission of Los Angeles County.

“Robert brings three great qualities to the LAEDC: significant experience with cities and the County, in-depth familiarity with business financing and technology issues, and a sophisticated policy perspective that is complemented by years of successful hands-on experience attracting, retaining and growing jobs for L.A. County,” said Allen.

Among Swayze’s credits are conceiving and developing the Business Technology Center (BTC), one of California’s largest high tech innovation centers; establishing four business loan programs, including the first equity program for high tech start-ups administered by a county; leading Long Beach’s C-17 Red Team that helped Boeing secure more orders for the C-17 and pushed production out to 2014; and securing a 15-year re-designation for the Long Beach Enterprise Zone.
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iSystem now available in US thanks to PERI Software Solutions Inc.

“This unified communication system integrates the entire work force to provide us with an efficient platform across the globe with our employee community and clients,” said President & CEO Sarav Periasamy, PERI Software Solutions

Newark, NJ/Los Angeles, CA PERI Software Solutions Inc., a global business solutions company announced today (Monday), it is offering its new scalable iSystem in America. The iSystem is a communication platform that integrates a number of options not offered by many other companies.

“The new iSystem will help small business with only just five employees to fortune 500 companies or utilities with tens of thousands of employees, ” said President & CEO Sarav Periasamy, who uses his global services while doing business in Chennai, India, San Jose, CA and his most recently opened office in downtown Los Angeles.

The iSystem comes with numerous automatic applications and provides less expensive solutions for financial institutions or large credit orders.  Some credit card processing merchants have already inquired about using the iSystem to handle an untold numbers of card users, who might call into customer relations for card theft, address changes, invalid card processing or balances.

“The iSystem reduces my company’s global infrastructure operating costs and offers a seamless communication solution with access from anywhere in the world,” said President & CEO, Mandeep Sodhi, Select Source International, a PERI Software Solutions Inc. customer and a global provider of professional services to major corporations worldwide. “With a secure meeting environment you can encrypt the conference call or meeting so only the invited attendees can participate. The iSystem is scalable and best technology for our company’s needs.”

The iSystem gives business owners the ability to handle more calls, integrate tracking, and even line encryption in one building or many locations anywhere in the world.

“This unified communications system integrates the entire work force to provide us an efficient platform across the globe with our employee community and clients,” said Periasamy.”

“A company may be located in New York City, but would benefit by having its call center in an area where the real estate is less expensive,” explained Periasamy. “Additionally, company customer relations management has options to handle all operations ranging from processing loans Online, to multi user conference calls. It cuts costs, streamlines business and helps expedite service in small and large companies,” he said.

Periasamy also noted that another critical feature for global business is the transparency of iSystem conference calls.

“For example, if an Asian company’s auto parts manufacturer based in the U.S. is doing  business in Korea, the iSystem allows them to make international calls without dialing a 10 digit number, because it comes with extensions, private outside and internal voicemail, and other options, which are all integrated into one system,” explained Periasamy. “Or if a company in America wants to do business or make calls to its Hispanic customers or offices in South America, they can dial an extension to get transferred, and what customers will love is the fact you do not have to be a techie or ask your IT department to set it up, you only need the Internet.”

If you go to a cable company for one stop phone/Internet service, you pay $30 per month, they give you a phone and you can talk as long or often as you like. But the moment you have three users, then it becomes $90 per month, 100 users $300 and so on.

“The iSystem is a communications infrastructure that will improve business solutions for small and large companies,” said Periasamy. “From conference calls to virtual call centers, there are so many options offered in a single platform. Today, when many systems have become antiquated and companies face the task of replacing the entire expensive system or integrating an affordable iSystem.  Once the iSystem is installed this smart technology will integrate voice, video and data into a single, robust, reliable communication platform.”

About PERI ( Founded in 1999, PERI is a global business solutions company, which has grown to more than 700 plus employees and delivers high value-cost effective technology based business solutions. For more info visit:
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PERI Retains MAYO Communications for product and services launches in America

Headquartered in New Jersey, PERI is a global consulting and technology services company specializing in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing and integration services

Los Angeles, CA – PERI Software, based in New Jersey  announced today it has retained MAYO Communications, an international Los Angeles based full service public relations agency for branding and media relations. PERI is a global consulting and technology services company specializing in industry-specific solutions, strategic outsourcing and integration services. The company was founded in 1999, and has grown to more than 700 employees worldwide. PERI has offices in San Jose and Los Angeles with offshore facilities in Chennai, India. “MAYO Communications came highly recommended, and they are a good match for our company needs,” said President & CEO Sarav Periasamy, PERI Software, at his downtown Los Angeles office. “They have a niche in media relations, national media and social media experience. In coming to Los Angeles, there is no better firm to position our company nationally and in Southern California than MAYO.” MAYO Communications has launched several successful high tech company campaigns over the last decade in the U.S., including Linux 6.0 operating software;; Webvision hosting and data center; PowWeb hosting, Los Angeles;C.I. Host, Dallas and SafeMedia Corporation, Boca Raton, FL. “The technology industry is on the rebound,” said President Aida Mayo, MAYO Communications. “There are so many new products and services that are coming so fast, that positioning and branding are top priorities for high-tech companies. The Technology industry is always looking for the next new thing and PERI Software as a global leader recognizes this critical moment.” About MAYO Communications MAYO,based in LA, with offices in New York, San Diego and Bern, Switzerland, specializes in high-tech, business, financial, entertainment, hospitality and lifestyle branding and publicity. MAYO’s niche is media placement, branding and media training. Last year MAYO Communications earned a record 250 million media impressionsand netted more than 2,000 national articles on the first day of the Hollywood Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike which resulted in 85 million media impressions over three months. For more on MAYO visit About PERI Since 1999, PERI has delivered technology-based business solutions to help organizations worldwide control costs and cultivate growth. Drawing on deep industry expertise and a portfolio of interrelated consulting, business process, application, and infrastructure services, PERI blend strategic design, proven technology, and timely delivery to create solutions that maximize returns on IT investments. And through collaborative, long-term relationships, we enable our customers to achieve and sustain measurable results.

The “2010 Keep of the Flame of Award” to Shine on Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Geraldine Knatz, Ph.D.

Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Geraldine Knatz, Ph.D.

Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Geraldine Knatz, Ph.D. to receive ITEP’s highest honor – 2010 Keeper of the Flame Award “ITEP has become successful thanks to the hard work and dedication of Geraldine Knatz and the Port of Los Angeles staff who have supported us,” said ITEP CEO & Founder Carol Rowen

Los Angeles, CA, March 09, 2010 — International Trade Education Programs (ITEP), will honor Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Geraldine Knatz, Ph.D., with the 2010 Keeper of the Flame Award, Thursday, April 22nd at its 10th Annual Scholarship Awards and Fundraiser Dinner in San Pedro. Knatz, who is the first female executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, oversees the daily operations and management of the nation’s number one container port. Under her leadership, the Port has reduced air emissions and health risks while expanding capital development programs to accommodate the port’s future growth as a premiere Pacific Gateway and national economic engine.

“ITEP has become successful thanks to the hard work and dedication of Geraldine Knatz and the Port of Los Angeles staff who have supported us for the last decade,” said ITEP CEO & Founder Carol Rowen. “The Port offers internships that better prepare the students for the marketplace.” Under Knatz’s leadership, the San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan was created and implemented in November 2006. The Plan has paved the way for the Los Angeles Harbor Commission to approve two major container terminal expansion projects and a new deep-draft marine oil terminal.

While her impressive tenure at the Port of Long Beach spanned two decades, Knatz began her maritime career as an environmental scientist at the Port of Los Angeles in 1977. Before returning to the Port of Los Angeles in 2006, Knatz previously served as managing director of the neighboring Port of Long Beach. As the number two executive at the Port of Long Beach, she oversaw a $2.3 billion capital improvement program and spearheaded a number of environmental initiatives, including development of the Green Port Policy.

“The Port of Los Angeles has been a huge leader in keeping the torch lit at ITEP,” said ITEP Board Chairman Tom Good of Matson Navigation. “We would not be here today without the support from the ports and contributions from corporations and the international trade industry. They’re changing lives of high school students with career opportunities offering life changing work experiences.”

An alumna of the University of Southern California, where Knatz currently teaches in the Civil Engineering School, Knatz earned two degrees from USC: a doctorate in biological science and a master of science in environmental engineering. She also holds an undergraduate degree in zoology from Rutgers University. Born and raised in New Jersey, Knatz resides in Long Beach with her husband and two sons.

ITEP programs assess the needs of high schools and the surrounding transportation, logistics and industry needs. ITEP works with schools that need to boost graduation rates, decrease the number of dropouts, and enhance standardized test scores. Students who graduate from the struggling schools rarely had opportunities or motivation to pursue further education or employment.

That’s where ITEP comes to the rescue by designing programs to fulfill those needs, guiding and mentoring students on a career path of current jobs of the future. “They discover a whole new world of career choices they would have never imagined,” said Rowen.

ITEP academy students graduate high school job ready and college prepared. By working together with local industry leaders, school administrators, and other community based organizations, ITEP has built learning academies in: 1. Logistics 2. International Trade 3. Environmental Sciences and Issues 4. Global Safety and Security 5. Business 6. Maritime Agriculture, Transportation, Cuisine and Hospitality 7. Trade, Transportation, and Logistics. Public Works, Los Angeles Unified School District’s leading evaluator of school programs, has analyzed the results of ITEP’s 4 established academies at Phineas Banning High School (Banning). These ITEP academies are largely credited for helping Banning become the only California high school to leave “Program-Improvement-5” status, the most severe federal watch list for underperforming schools.

Results from Public Works’ program analysis can be found on the “Accomplishments” page on website. These results focus on the main indicators of academic success: grade point average (GPA), attendance (leading to graduation rates), and improved state test scores. For more about ITEP academies and to sponsor the 10th Annual ITEP Scholarship Dinner and fundraising program visit:

To learn how you can participate and support the national model program visit: For images, media interviews contact: Aida Mayo or George Mc Quade at 818-340-5300,

Social media will boost your media campaigns media experts say

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If you want to do social media you need to engage your target audience and treat them intelligently. That was the overriding message at a sold-out Entertainment Publicists Professional Society (EPPS) crowd at a media workshop on “How To Do Social Media.” It was sponsored by the International Cinematographers Union Local 600, Hollywood, CA.

Sandi Pannos, EPPS at the podium to kick off  Social Media Workshop at ICG Local 600  Auditorium, Hollywood this month.

( story and photos by                                                 George S. Mc Quade III – MAYO PR)

“It is possible to measure ROI,” but    according to Panelist Sally Falkow,  Expansion Plus, “Campaigns take four to six weeks of research and strategy and can cost from several thousand dollars to millions. “We don’t go by retainer, but more by the project, because it really depends upon how much time is involved and how long your project runs,” she said.

Falkow was joined by a handful of social media experts, who offered tips and resources on “How To Do Social Media.”

“Movie fans and visitors love behind the scenes marketing of movies,” said Vice President Wayne Bennett of MOVIESET (, which is based in Vancouver, B.C. The free membership site helps market movies via images, on-the-set interviews and constant blogging. Bennet, a 20 year TV and movie production veteran, uses his social media skills to assist television production and publicity departments.

“You have to type what’s going on behind the camera for fans all over the world,”  Bennett explained. “It might be the director of photography on how he lit the shot, or in the case of Peter Jackson in King Kong, before Facebook, YouTube and Twitter; he was literally posting photos of prop guys, costume fittings with actors, on the scene location scouts activities and video blogs. Jackson built this buzz that topped a million fans, who were already engaged in the process and the movie by the time he finished it for distribution.”

Wayne Bennett

The panel also briefly talked about Widgets, which can be placed on a site or blog, allowing interaction with the visitor without leaving the site. For example:  the Red Cross might have a widget on a blog, where you can donate directly to Haiti earthquake victims.

Panelists also recommended the funneling all your social media sites such as Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter on one portal such as, where you can organize your feeds and tweets.

“Nonprofit organizations do not tell there story very well,” said President Larry Eason, DotOrgpower, Los Angeles.  The digital strategy and communications firm helps dot orgs harness the web and new media to achieve their goals. He works with cause leaders to expand their sense of what is possible Online. He claims to be an evangelist for the power of Online story-telling to move the public, donors and influentials. “You need to treat your audiences intelligently when telling your stories,” explained Eason.

Larry Eason

Eason pioneered the use of new media for the Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs) starting a first-of-its-kind in-house media center, which was acquired by Virilion where he worked with cause and corporate clients such as eBay and Georgetown University.

“You need to target your community groups, mobile interaction, action platforms, and set your goal,” said Mac McLean, Click Communications, North Hollywood, CA. “Before forming Click Communications in May, 2007, McLean handled theatrical promotions, worked at a national advertising agency and did publicity for major studios.

Some panelists noted that 60 percent of the marketing campaigns are spent on social media strategy versus 40 percent on PR and Marketing. “It is one more layer of client management, but for a restaurant the goal is to get people in the door,” said Caroline Rustigian Bruderer, CEO of K-LINE 7 Co., Orange County.

While everyone thought the best way to market your   film is social networking and the best marketing tool   is Facebook with more than 400 million users other tactics surface.

EPPS Media Workshop

“Every movie or TV project has a core audience, and   the Internet is the most strategic way to get to those   people,” explained MOVIESET’S Bennett. “This    allows you to do the EPK and other advertising much   later. The concept is Production is the new    Promotion, and the sooner you engage your audience the sooner they are going to grab onto it, and follow the different phases to the point where you get to your last news release or airing. There will be much more information that surfaces to the top of Google than there would be in putting out a short release over six weeks.”

Entertainment companies and filmmakers are leveraging the power of social media by marketing their films to international audiences and building loyal audiences and communities around their work.

Another tactic mentioned are RSS feeds, which in layman’s terms stands for real simple syndication or officially “rich site summary for delivering regularly changing web content. All agreed that to increase web traffic PR pros need an RSS feed on their client’s website or blog to whoever subscribes or wants the content.

New Music Video To Benefit All US Armed Servicemen and women

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warriors project Image
The Warriors Song

All profits from the sale of this song will be donated to the

This a music video and song dedicated to all the US Armed Forces as we get closer to Veterans Day, Wednesday on November 11th. It is available on for .99.Armed Forces Relief Trust

Proceeds go to military families. Please share this story by clicking on the share button in the column, look for your MySpace, FaceBook or Twitter button, signin with your username and password which is on your account and hit enter, that simple. It will post this video on your social account sites. Thanks for your support!

No matter what branch of the United States Armed Forcesyou serve under or have served under, this song is dedicated to you!

“The Warrior Song” mp3 is currently for sale to the public oniTunes for .99 cents.

Every purchase supports members of the United States Military, as the profits derived from its sale will be donated to the Armed Forces Relief Trust, to be dispersed by, and at the discretion of, the respective charities operated by the Navy/Marines, Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, and National Guard.

Active duty and former servicemen and women can receive a free copy of the song by simply e-mailing your request (or via the Contacts pageon Please include your Rank and Unit.

We will respond to you as quickly as possible.

There is no goal.

Your support is invaluable! To help, all you have to do is buy a copy of the song on iTunes.

The support of America’s Warriors is an ongoing responsibility.

All profits from the sale of this song will be donated to the Armed Forces Relief Trust.

In the interest of transparency and disclosure, a portion of the revenue generated by every song sold on iTunes is kept by Apple, Inc., as a fee for the use of the iTunes service as a sales vehicle.  Apple, however, has nothing to do with this project, and will receive no more money than they would for any song by any other artist on iTunes.

Please look to the Disclosures page on website for updates on the progress being made, and please do bear in mind that updates will necessarily trail all activity by at least one accounting period.

The Warrior Song Project would like to thank all of the following individuals for their selfless contributions to this effort:
James De Vito, US Marine Corps, for vocals
Sachiko De Vito, for being brilliant
Rock Williams, for vocals
Sean Hurwitz, for the guitars
Bernie Pershey, for the marching snares
Kashan Curry, US Marine Corps, for images & advice
Justin Sullivan, for “The Wobble Beat”
Robb Hendrick, for advice & creative design

©2009 by Echo Sonic, All Rights Reserved


Media, Industry, Military, Civilian and Public inquires about the Warrior Song Project, may be directed to:
The Warrior Song Project
Robert S. Greenstein, Esq.
Greenstein Law Offices
22911 Crespi Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91364-2808

Tel: 818.225.8917
Fax: 818.225.9010

MAYO Communications & MAYO PR:
“We don’t guarantee media, we just get it!”

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Monica, Brian Williams, Lionel Richie, Joel Madden, Benji Madden, Emily Bear and Julio Iglesias Jr. Rock The Noble Awards House In Beverly Hills

Ranya Batal
Fashion Designer Ranya Batal was a Noble Awards presenter

A Star-Studded Night For Celebrity Charity Work And An Evening Of Cool Jazz and R&B Live Musical Performances Highlights The First Annual Noble Awards

A long list of A-Celebs turned out for the red carpet affair and First Annual Noble Awards show at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills. It was an event to honor celebs who have done noble work in charitable organizations. About a dozen charities handed out awards.  Morgan Freeman received a Lifetime Achievement. This year’s honorees, who attended to accept their award included Nancy O’Dell

One of the highlights of the first annual Noble Awards Monica – who’s not only a Grammy Giant, but has a hit show Still Standing on BET. It was the last live performance with a lasting impression:

Even under the weather Desperate Housewife Actress Teri Hatcher appeared to get her Noble for work with Childrens Hospital LA

Lionel Richie made it a family affair for his daughter Nicole Richie who attended with long time love Joel Madden

Jennifer Howell, Founder of The Art of Elysium, presented a Noble award to Joel Madden with Lionel Richie, Allison Beck and Stacey Price: “As both an artist and a father, Joel truly embodies a sincere passion for both music and children.

The awards were sculptured by Antonio Banderas the children at the Shriners Hospitals for Children with the guidance of The Art of Elysium volunteer/actor/sculptor David Grieco.   Joel Madden said, “The artists at The Art of Elysium” should get an award, too. The Noble Awards creators Executive TV Producer and his wife, Celebrity TV Anchor Janeen Mansour were pleased with the star-studded turned out of celebrity humanitarians and both are optimistic that it will be televised much like the Oscars and Grammys annually.  Access Hollywood’s Billy Bushintroduced Janeen Mansour,founder of  The Noble Awards.

Brian McKnight has earned himself a spot in contemporary music history.

Brian McKnight
Brian McKnight on The Noble Awards Red Carpet

McKnight has released 11 albums to date, 7 of them have gone platinum, with several going 2 and 3x platinum, and has sold over 20 Million albums worldwide. He just released a new album last month and perform one of his songs live.

McKnight was introduced by Actor Dennis Haysbert.

Another of the highlights of the evening was eight-year old Emily Bear, who performed live at the Noble Awards show. She was introduced by Noble Awards Founder Janeen Mansour.

8-year old Emily Bear – Pianist Emily Bear has only been playing piano for three years, but at just eight years old, her accomplishments are inspiring and her talent is breathtaking. Classical, jazz and boogie come naturally to her. Emily’s songs were are all written and composed at age seven.

Julio Iglesias Jr. also provided some soul soothing live singing at the event. Julio Iglesias Jr. was born in Madrid, Spain to well-known singer, Julio Iglesias and Isabel Preysler.

The two-hour event seeks to annually honor up to a dozen charities and celebrities who actively support them, elevating awareness of these organizations and the impact of their work.

For a slideshow of the The Noble Awards show visit (more)

For more information, please visit: